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Concerned About When and How to Transition Out of Business?

Life after business

You may find it hard to imagine "life without your business"—yet you realize you will transition out of your business at some point in the future.

Ten years before the transition is not too soon to plan. Some tax and wealth building strategies take even longer, and-heaven forbidwith some tragic event, it could be tomorrow. So, the sooner you plan for the transition, the more advantages you have to create lasting wealth for you and your family.

Exit Planning Issues

There is a lot more to transition planning (we call it "Exit Strategy Planning") than just selling (or giving away) your business. There are hundreds of issues to deal with both hard (like wealth creation and taxes) and soft (like relationships with family, employees, customers and other stakeholders).

Our Mission

Our mission at WealthTrax is to take you through a checklist of issues and work with you to assess how to best handle your particular situation. Even so, in working with your advisors, we will turn up issues that are unique to youso the checklist is a framework to begin to discuss what is the best roadmap for your situation.

Exit Strategy Planning

In order to start the Exit Strategy Planning process, we gather data about what you want and what you have. With this data we work with you and your advisors to answer questions in six areas:
  1. What to do if what you have doesn't meet what you wantor if it does?
  2. How to position the business to transfer to an insider?
  3. How to position the business to transfer to an outsider?
  4. How to keep the business and clip coupons?
  5. How to plan for the contingency should you suddenly not be capable of running the business?
  6. How to integrate the transition with your estate plan?

When we have thoroughly answered these questions, we develop a Roadmap for you with action plans, assigned responsibilities and schedules. And since things change in business and life events happen, we follow up periodically to update the plan with you and your advisors.

What's Missing from Your Exit Strategy Plan?

To find what advantages are missing from your current Exit Strategy Plan, call me at 925.351.7440 or email hankjames@wealthtrax.com for a Free Checkup.

You may say, "Hank, I don't have a plan, so how can you tell me what is missing?"

You do have a plan; the IRS and the Probate Court created it for you.

To discuss creating your plan and not default to the IRS's and Probate Court's plan, call me at 925.934.3072 or email me at hankjames@wealthtrax.com .

May you exit in style,

Hank James